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Fiscal Office

The Fiscal Officer is elected to a four-year term.


The Fiscal Officer has all the responsibilities of the township including paying bills, payrolls, and receiving revenue as it is distributed to the township. 


In addition to the fiscal duties, the Fiscal Officer also maintains public records and accurate records of the proceedings of all the Board of Trustee meetings.  The Fiscal Officer is the liaison with the Geauga County Auditor, State of Ohio Auditor's Office and the Office of the Ohio Treasurer.

Fiscal Officer
Jane Grudowski


The Troy Zoning department is responsible for reviewing zoning permits, inspecting property, and promoting township growth.

Community Hall
& Grounds

Complete with a playground, outdoor pavilion, and a kitchen, the Troy Township Community Hall is a perfect place to host small gatherings.


Founded in 1981, The Troy Township Fire Department provides residents with 24/7 emergency services and protection.

Troy Homecoming

The Troy Township Homecoming is a celebration that invites all Troy citizens and fellow neighboring areas for food, fun, and festivities.

Troy Township

Since 1811

Troy Township was first settled by New Englanders in 1811. Troy is home to several businesses and industries but will always remain known for its rural and agricultural beginnings.

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