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About Troy Township

Troy Township was first settled by New Englanders in 1811. Troy is home to several businesses and industries but will always remain known for its rural and agricultural beginnings.

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Early Beginnings

Jacob Welsh was the first settler to enter Troy.  Jacob purchased hundreds of acres and promised some of his land to the public.  In return, the township would be named after him.

By 1820, Troy reached 100 residents and in that same year, the Geauga County Commissioners resolved to form the township.  Jacob was unable to give up his property which led to angry citizens removing his name from their land and replacing it with Troy.

Mystery and Battle

In 1901, a man by the name of Pace Latham had a dream of starting a large-scale onion farm.  He began transforming the Cuyahoga River to benefit his endeavor.  Unfortunately,
the Hiram Rapids dam was preventing his success.

Pace hired gangsters with dynamite to blow up the dam.  Residents armed with shotguns repelled the attack and defeated the Burtonite. 


This battle received the name, the 'Onion War'.

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Eldon Russell Park

Established in 1969, Eldon Russell Park marks the very spot where the 'Onion War' came to an end.

First known as River Park, the name was later changed to Eldon Russell Park in honor of Eldon Russell park commissioner who was instrumental in Geauga Park District's early expansion, also a TroyTownship resident.

Troy Township Commerce

With strong agricultural roots, Troy Township is a rural area located within Geauga County.  Commerce in Troy started out with wagon makers, carpenters, and sawmills.

Presently, Troy Township is home to several businesses and industries. 

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