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Community Hall & Grounds

Complete with a playground, outdoor pavilion, and a kitchen, the Troy Township Community Hall is a perfect place to host small gatherings like birthday parties and reunions.

Mary DeYoung

New and Improved

We're excited to share with you some recent improvements we've made to enhance Troy Township. We have worked hard to install a new roof, clear out trees, and clean up the fire pit area.


These updates have not only improved the aesthetics of our grounds but also provide a safer and more enjoyable environment for all. We hope you'll come and visit us soon to see these changes for yourself!


Park & Playground

The Troy Township Playground offers multiple slides and tunnels to keep children entertained during summer.  The park is well maintained to make sure it meets current safety standards.

In 2021, a donation was made by Great Lakes Cheese Co which brought new playground equipment to Troy!

Troy Township Playground Rules:

  • Use at your own risk

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times

  • Park is closed from 11PM to 6AM


Pavilion & Kitchen

On the Community Hall grounds, you'll find an amazing Outdoor Pavilion equipped with picnic tables. a full kitchen, and plenty of room to host small gatherings like birthday parties and family reunions.

Outdoor Activities

Alongside the playground, Troy offers a baseball field with dugouts that can be used for baseball, softball, and even kickball games!

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